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Base server rates are set at a level higher than the international server.

Our base rates in comparison are equal to theirs by

Exp x 2.5,  Sp x 5,  Items x 2.5,  Coin x 1.5

Auto updates

Nation Wars

Maximum level 150

Custom items and events



This event sets the Exp rate for the next 48 hours minimum. At 9pm x10 exp begins, at 9:15 it drops to x9.

Every 15 minutes it drops by 1 again. When the event is over, which ever rate is in place stays until Wednesday Midnight.

Once the Celestial tiger event is over, the cave known as Cave of Sadistic Glee in the Burning Heartlands, becomes an event cave.

It will be filled with skill dropping monsters and bosses, also Bongso and Bongso Lords plus many more event monsters.

“Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Bongso the Flaming Beast

Drops Red Envelopes

He can be found in various events


He’s tough and appears on the world map during the weekdays.

He drops Rank 9 Mats

Event mobs

They group together in random spots all over the world map, dropping cubi items and giving extra experience.

Week days only


Drops Nirvana crystals

Can be found at random locations on the world map

Unicorn Forest

Better known as Chrono / OHT 2

At weekends there is a 48 hour invasion of monsters in there.

Monthly Quiz

Every month we run a 40 question quiz. Free entry to all members. Only enter once per player please.

Top prize fund of 4000 cubi and 1000 Event cubi