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Base server rates are set at a level higher than the international server.

Our base rates in comparison are equal to theirs by

Exp x 2.5,  Sp x 5,  Items x 2.5,  Coin x 1.5

Auto updates

Nation Wars

Maximum level 150

Custom items and events

FREE TO PLAY FRIENDLY PayPal Secure Donations
character names
PLEASE NOTE : ECHEQUE PAYMENTS - Nothing will be credited to your account or any packs or other items sent  until the funds in your ECheque clear through fully to our PayPal account. this could take  from 7 to 10 days. Instructions: 1. Select amount to be donated from drop down list. 2. Enter your USERNAME/S,  this is where your NORMAL cubi will be sent  3. Enter your CHARACTER NAME/S, this is where your EVENT cubi will be sent donations1