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Base server rates are set at a level higher than the international server.

Our base rates in comparison are equal to theirs by

Exp x 2.5,  Sp x 5,  Items x 2.5,  Coin x 1.5

Auto updates

Nation Wars

Maximum level 150

Custom items and events


- Wiccan Rede

Download all 11 parts using the links below.

Installer and 10 Files. Once downloaded to a file double click the Installer file and it will do everything else.

Do NOT download more than 2 at any one time together as if you try to download more you may corrupt the files or the download will FAIL.

1.5.5. Download 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 “If it harms no one, then do what you will, harm brings a 3 fold return” Secure Donations


By downloading and entering our server you agree to adhere to OUR rules. They are simple.

1. PK - White name = PK active  Blue name = NONE PK

2. Drops are yours as long as the system allows, if you don’t     pick them up they are anybodies.

3. No SWEARING you WILL be MUTED or Banned

4. GM’s RULE