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Base server rates are set at a level higher than the international server.

Our base rates in comparison are equal to theirs by

Exp x 2.5,  Sp x 5,  Items x 2.5,  Coin x 1.5

Auto updates

Nation Wars

Maximum level 150

Custom items and events


All donations go towards the running cost of the server and 3rd party services ensuring the server stays online. Thank you for your kind donations.

Donations Pay by PP2 £150.00 = 8100 cubi + 27000 EC Plus 3000 shiny dingle & 300 Moons end packs £200.00 = 11880 cubi + 36000 EC Plus 4000 shiny dingle & 400 Moons end packs £250.00 = 14940 cubi + 45000 EC  Plus 5000 shiny dingle & 500 Moons end packs NEW SUMMER CUBI AMOUNTS+ PACKS Also choose  an event  to run Talk to a  gm in game  once your  Donation is  Completed Events include Eggs n bunnies Mines Halloween Snowmen All to run 30 minutes Donations of £20 or  More can choose Custom Archo  Invasion (1 hour) Donate to server between  8th July and the 1st August And get a special reward  when the offer ends N.B. Other events are available upon negotiation with  which ever GM is willing to do them