We are a PRIVATE members LOW RATE server for

enthusiasts of Perfect World and other MMORPG’s.

Stable server online 24/7. Over 12 years online.

Join our active community today and become part of this dysfunctional family.

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10 years online and stable

When we first opened, we had a few set backs, just as everyone learning something new does. We persevered and worked out how to fix things and for the past 11 of our 12 years we can say, we have a stable database and server.

Even after a recent machine failure,

all data was recovered and nothing was lost and no rollback occurred.

Established by players

12 years ago, a group of players that

were frustrated with the international

servers and the private servers that

were just in it to make money, decided

to make Perfect World Rebellion.

We started back then with version 1.3.6. with customised events and items. We had a rocky start but today we are proud to say that many of our original players are still with us on their characters created 10 years ago.

The players get a major say

As the “team” are only players themselves, They rely on suggestions and input from players when it comes to customised items or events and special drops in events.We also consult with players about the general running of the server as it is player donations that keep us online.

Free to play, no need to pay, free to download. Free membership. No subscriptions Click here for player Forum We stand with the people of The Ukraine